Here's how it works

The daily practice.

Throughout the intensive week, the yoga center will open every day starting at 6 am, from Monday to Sunday.

The concept is to arrive at the center as early as possible and start with a brief 10-minute meditation, followed by 10 minutes of breathing exercises. After a short rest and a cup of tea, you will then begin your yoga asana practice, choosing between the Ashtanga primary series or the Sivananda sequence.
I will provide you with guide sheets to help you remember the postures. It's beneficial to stick to the same sequence when starting to practice yoga asanas, and later adapt your practice according to your needs. The practice finishes with a deep relaxation; this allows the body and mind to fully absorb the benefits of the practice and promote a sense of tranquility and well-being. 

Here is the daily plan.

yoga intensive

The intensive week is from Monday to Sunday,
or for those who do not have the time for a full week then Friday to Sunday.
From 6 am, the yoga center is open, and you are free to practice until 9 am when other classes begin. Come when you wish, but give yourself enough time to practice. You start with 10 minutes of meditation and 10 minutes of breathing exercises. You then practice Yoga Asana (I recommend a minimum of one hour for asana practice), but after that, as long as you like, finishing by 9 am.

yoga intensive

You eat lunch between 11 and 13,
It should be tasty and vegetarian. I will provide you with some recipe ideas. You can have a light meal in the evening, not too much and not too late. yoga intensiveAll yoga classes are free to attend, I recomend you come to the evening classes during the week, but that is optional. Finish the day with some inspritional reading.
Bed time is between 9-9:30, latest 10!
On Sunday, we will go for a walk after the morning session or share breakfast together at the studio.

To Summarize

Each day the studio is open from 6am
10 min Meditation
10 min breathing exercises
Practice Yoga Asana
Finishing by 9am
lunch between 11 and 13
Optional evening class
Light evening meal
Read something insprituinal!
Bedtime! 9-9:30, latest 10!
Walk or breakfast on Sunday.

Here you will find the 12 basic asanas from the Sivananda sequence.

Grundstellungen oder Asanas pdf

Here you will find the sequence for the Ashtanga primary series.

Klicke hier für die Ashtanga Yoga Info pdf

For the week, you should try to stick to a simple vegetarian diet. I recommend that you do not drink black tea, coffee, or alcohol during the week. Instead, drink lots of water, fresh fruit juice, or herbal tea. Meals should be tasty and vegetarian. If you eat cheese, it should be fresh, like mozzarella. I will post some recipe ideas to help with this.
For snacks, eat fruits or have some dried fruit like dates, or have some nuts. Get rid of sweets and chocolate. It's only for a few days! Always have some fruits or nuts with you for those moments of hunger.

What is behind the week's practice?

yoga intensive

The week is a chance for you to change old habits, to live for a week fully aware of life – sort of super conscious – aware of your actions and thoughts.

Here is something very important for these modern times: put down your mobile phone, or only use it for essential messages to friends, family, and work. Turn off all social media. You can use it for research, but avoid getting distracted by media, especially the news. This will help you stay focused and present during the week's practice.

To help you with this, find some books to read from great teachers or explore philosophy. Use the week to discover new ideas and concepts from without and within. We also have some yoga books at the yoga center.

I propose we end the week with a walk in nature on Sunday. I am open to suggestions for great locations, not too far away, weather permitting. Or perhaps we have an indian breakfast.

The intensive week will be a challenge, a self-test. Moods and feelings will shift. An intensive yoga practice brings heightened consciousness and will shine a light on the true self. Yoga is a rock on which you stand to weather the storm of highs and lows, a place that remains constant in an ever-changing world. You can choose – yoga has no rules; it's only discipline and practice.
I'm looking forward!

Benefit of intensive yoga practice

An intensive week allows you to immerse yourself in yoga practice, potentially leading to significant improvements in your poses, flexibility, strength, and overall practice.

Stress Reduction: Yoga's emphasis on breath and mindfulness can help reduce stress and anxiety. A week-long intensive can provide a sustained period of relaxation from stress.

Mind-Body Connection: Intensive practice allows you to deepen your understanding of the mind-body connection, helping you become more aware of your body's sensations and your mental state.

Detoxification: Yoga's twisting and bending movements, combined with focused breathing, can stimulate the organs and aid in detoxification processes.

Mindfulness and Meditation: mindfulness and meditation practices, which can help you become more present, reduce mental chatter, and cultivate a sense of inner peace.

Anmeldung und Infos:

Here are the proposed dates for intensive weeks, which will be once a month.
I can be flexable!
11- 17 September
9-15 Oktober
13-19 November
4-10 December

Price: 100 euro for the week or
45 euro for the weekend, Fri Sat Sun.
For yoga breakfest or the Sunday walk you can give a donation.
You can also come to any of the evening classes free. If you have any quistions then contact me, anytime:

Tel.: Angus 0676/9216311

Friday evening meditations


Inner peace can change your world.
When we are peaceful within, we bring peace to those around us, family, friends, colleagues and to the world. We can't change others or the world, only ourselves. Believing we can change others causes war. If you want a peaceful life and world, then live peacefully.

How the meditation hour works. We consciously breathe for about 20 minutes, remaining aware of how the breath moves in and out of the body. We will incorporate some breathing exercises. Afterward, we chant a mantra for peace. Finally, we sit in silent meditation for about 20 minutes.

After meditation, we have tea and biscuits and get to know each other. It's amazing how balanced you feel after meditation.
I will conduct these Friday evening meditations at Home of Om as regularly as possible.
Come and try for yourself, bring a friend, and together, step by step, find inner peace.

Price: Donation, give what feels right.

Tel.: Angus 0676/9216311