"All the World's a Stage".

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My early years


Northern Ireland 1965

I was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, spending my formative years there before my family relocated to Edinburgh, Scotland. For nearly two decades, Edinburgh became my home. However, driven by a desire to pursue a career in theatre, I made a
life-changing move to London. In the year 1988, I took the leap and embarked on my journey as an actor, commencing my training. From Belfast to Edinburgh and finally to the bustling city of London, each chapter shaped my path, fueling my passion for the performing arts and setting the stage for the next stage of my life.

As an actor



For over 30 years, I have dedicated myself to the practice of yoga. My journey began in 1988 during my actor training at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London. It was there that I had the privilege of being guided by Ed Clark, a renowned dancer, movement teacher, and the founder of Tripsichore Yoga. Under his expert guidance, I gained a solid foundation and an abundant wellspring of inspiration. This transformative experience set the stage for my future endeavors, where I would find deep fulfillment working with yoga, movement, and breath. Since then, I have continued to embrace and explore the profound transformative power of this ancient discipline.

Teaching yoga


Varanasi, Ganga, India 2006

From 2003 onwards, spanning a period of two years, I had the privilege of practicing yoga under the guidance of Faustomaria Dorelli at the Yoga Hall in London. Faustomaria's teaching style drew influence from the Sivananda practice, and he was a devoted student of Vishnudevananda Saraswati, the founder of the Sivananda Yoga organization. Notably, Faustomaria served as the photographer for the book "The New Book of Yoga," a remarkable resource for yoga enthusiasts. Additionally, he held a deep admiration for Krishnamurti, whose profound wisdom profoundly impacted my way of thinking. Sunday evenings at the Innergy yoga hall were truly special, as we would gather, enjoy soup, and listen to captivating stories about yoga, gaining profound insights into the essence of this ancient practice.

In 2003, I embarked on my journey as a yoga teacher in London. The demand for substitute instructors in gyms and yoga studios was abundant, providing me with ample opportunities to gain experience. With little prior knowledge, I plunged headfirst into teaching, often faced with classes of thirty to sixty students. Despite the initial terror, this period proved instrumental in building my confidence. For a year, I honed my teaching skills through these challenging yet rewarding experiences.

India and teacher training


India, Auroville 2006

In 2005, my journey led me to India as I boarded a plane to attend the Sivananda Teacher Training Course at the Dhanwantari Ashram in Neyyar Dam. This transformative experience provided me with a comprehensive understanding of Yoga practice and fostered a deep appreciation for Indian culture, both past and present. It was during this training that I had the incredible fortune of meeting Judith, my future wife and partner. I am immensely grateful for the profound impact this experience had on my life.

In 2006, Judith and I embarked on the advanced teacher training at Neyyar Dam, marking another remarkable experience that we shared. Following that, we embarked on a year of travel, exploring various destinations. In 2007, our journey took an even more meaningful turn with the arrival of our son, Liam.

Moving to St. Pölten

Since 2007, I have been teaching yoga in St. Pölten, Austria. Starting a family and making a living through yoga in a foreign country, where the language was a challenge to learn, once again tested my courage. Embracing family life has truly become my practice of Karma yoga, as it has taught me the art of selfless service. My wife, Judith, and our children, Liam and Enya, alongside our beloved cats, have been my greatest teachers. St. Pölten has been a kind and nurturing place for us, despite occasional moments of dullness. Small towns like this provide an ideal environment to raise a family.


From a family holiday in Croatia 2018

In 2015, Judith and I established the Home of Om yoga centre in St. Pölten. Over the past three years, we have been dedicated to running the center and seeking ways to integrate it into the  community of St. Pölten.


Me in 2022

In 2018, I embarked on an Astanga teacher training course at Pure Yoga in Wein. The course is set to concluded at the end of 2019.

It's amaizing to see how I have changed over the years.