Über Angus

I have been working with yoga for over 30 years, though not always as a teacher . As an actor we used yoga to help with movement and charactor building.

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My early years


Northern Ireland 1965

I was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland were I spent the first eight years of my life. My family then moved to Edinburgh Scotland were I lived till I was about twenty two, I then moved to London to work in the theatre and in 1988 I began training as an actor.

As an actor



I have worked with yoga for over 30 years. I began in 1988 while training as an actor at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London. My movement teacher Ed Clark (Tripsichore Yoga) left me with a great foundation and inspiration for a future working with yoga, movement and breath.

Beginning to teach yoga


Varanasi river Ganga India 2006

From 2003 over a period of two years I practised yoga with Faustomaria Dorelli,  at the yoga hall. Faustomaria taught a style of yoga influenced by the Sivananda yoga practice and was a Student of Vishnudevananda Saraswati who founded the sivinanda yoga orginasation. He was the photographer for the book, The new book of Yoga. (a great book if you like yoga). He was also a great fan of Krishna Murti, a speaker who has greatly influenced my way of thinking. I spent many Sunday evenings eating soup at Innergy yoga hall listening to storeys about Yoga, and gaining great insight into what Yoga really is.

From 2003 I began teaching yoga classes in London, I had an endless supply of work in Gyms and yoga studios who were always looking for stand in teachers. I learned to teach yoga by jumping in at the deep end. (I did not know I was jumping in). I found myself with classes of thirty to sixty students and these were my first experiences of teaching, I was terrified. This was a fantastic time for building confidence, and I spent the next year teaching yoga classes in this way.


India and teacher training


India, Auroville 2006

In 2005 I found myself on a plane to India, I was going to the Sivananda teacher training course in India at the Dhanwantari Ashram, Neyyar Dam. From this experience I gained a holistic view of Yoga practice and importantly found a way of relating to Indian culture both historicity and in the present, an experience that I am grateful to have had. It was at the teacher training that I met my future wife and partner Judith.

Judith and I in 2006 attend the advanced teacher training at Neyyar Dam another great experience for me, that Judith and I shared together. For the next year we travelled to many places and in 2007 we started a family together with the arrival of my son Liam.

Moving to St. Pölten

Teaching in St.Pölten from 2007. Starting a family and teaching Yoga for a living, moving to a forigin country and working with a language that I find heard to learn, was once again jumping in at the deep end. Having a family is truely Karma yoga, Serving my family taught me how to give to the needs of others. Having a family is the real Yoga, it is only through family that life continues, and over these last years, Judith, Liam and Enya (and the cats), have been my great teachers. St.Pölten has been kind to us, (though a little dull sometimes). Small towns are great places to bring up family.


From a family holiday in Croatia 2018

In 2015 Judith and I opened Home of Om yoga centre in St.Pölten. For the last three years we having been running the center, trying to find a way for the center to fit with the community of St.Pölten.


From a family holiday in Florance 2019

In 2018 I began a teacher training course in Astanga yoga course at pure yoga in wein. This course will finish at the end of 2019.

It's amaizing to see through the photos  how I have changed over the years.